Two, Day

I call to thee
the one who has not faltered yet
and in the fire as I burn
here my dying whisper now.

Clinging to the source of life
Can feel like grabbing on a ship
As it swiftly carries on
Pounding you with every wave.

Even though it save your life
If you cannot yet come aboard
You will be a battered mess
If you reach the shore.

I call to thee
who saved my soul
save my life as well
Let redemption be in full till the trumpets blow.

Do not let the stones cry out
Give me life that I may shout
Hearing finding seeing how
The angels go their way.

Would you see me in the ground
Then I am dead and none can stay
And would you give one word of life
I would be remade today.

I call to thee
who heard my cry
and hears the cries from desert climes
Oh one who hears I wait.


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