Day Thirty-Nine

The days that hold my dread
Are outnumbered by the lonely gale
and its many companions waiting always
ready to devour joy.

But I will fight for peace
and lay my burden down
and trust in Jesus Christ
Though I become as dust.

Let the longest wastes
Through which my soul must pass
Welcome me with lonely arms
Until I leave them past.

Day Thirty-Two

Sometimes a little is harder than none
and sometimes a weaning is hard to do
And sometimes the cold will kill you dead
And birds fly high away.

Sipping my coffee I remember this:
In days gone by you held back the storm
and other days you plunged me into the icy waters with your own hand
where I thought I would die… but did not.

A heart is a hard thing to tame
Perhaps this is why you must give new ones
and perhaps this is why
we must be born again.