Brothers brothers here my voice
As you wait for judgement day
Death has brought you far away
And we no longer get to stay.

Brothers brothers as you wait
Know we shed so many tears
I remember all those days
And I remember all those years.

Brothers brothers laying down
Take your rest before it’s time
Once the trumpets make their sound
Some of you won’t be so fine.

Brothers brothers dead and gone
I wish that I could trade you now
Instead I’m left to soldier on
With no idea of why or how.

Brothers brothers in my heart
The pain has never gone away
I recall the very start
And now I’m stuck to wait each day.

Brothers brothers hear me cry
They don’t remember but I sure do
They do not know and some don’t care
But now you all have broke on through.



Light makes shadows
Until it reaches a brightness a man cannot know
I have felt old since I was a child
Am I the only one?

Will I be burned into nothing
Into Quiet ash?
It illuminates all fears and shame
Does it make known hope,
or Happiness?

I with wearied wind-worn skin
Cast about in darkness felt
By the eye and the heart
Waiting for the light.

Not Will Protect But Never Save

Not is never enough
Let the striving fall
Not will never win
There must be more or none at all
We cannot live for negatives
But must have something to hold close
We must move towards something
Or nothing at here at all.
Hold the flames up close and see
How they burn away the worst
And if the best might come to be
Then maybe there is hope.
I could not live to avoid
I must needs steer towards some real point
But when the house is burning down
It is hard to see.
Will you save me from myself?
From my enemies in force?
Will you save me from the wolf?
Or will I simply die in testing?
Better men have fallen hard
And I still walk above the ground
I am tired in my bones
And hope is hard to find.