Eleven, Day

Sometimes it becomes
Hard to ask for simple things
And believe that they will come
For you just where you are.


9 thoughts on “Eleven, Day

      1. Soul Walker,
        I really hope that you don’t mind. I found this poem and your comment. I wanted to tell you that this expression of poetry is just the right thought for what I’m experiencing right now. I do wish you well. I hope that you are okay.

        best wishes,

          1. Soul Walker,
            Thank you for your kind words. I feel as if I have known you for whenever I would read your poems I felt as if I entered a conversation – an on-going conversation. Thank you. I am no longer polyphonyof1voice.
            My real name is Christina

              1. Soul Walker,
                I am glad that I have followed your poems. I am contemplating closing — I find that I sign in and read other’s writing. I so enjoy reading other people’s poetry — and other people’s writing (quiet honestly, I have cried so much just by reading other people’s poetry) I have been so moved with other people’s writings that I find most of my time is spent doing that instead of writing myself. I only tell you this as your poetry is the poetry I read most over the almost year I have been here in this space. And I remember a writing that you wrote on those writers you followed when you first started. Thank you for having conversations with me with your writings. I am grateful.

                1. Christina,

                  I am glad to have you. Whether you write or not online I pray that you would still find your outlet. Thank you for conversing with me. A small gesture can have a large impact. Never forget that.

                  -Soul Walker

                  1. Soul Walker,
                    I am ever grateful for you. Thank you. I will continue to write in a variety of places and explore a variety of genres. I want to learn more. II am humbled by your admonishment about the impact that we have on other people’s life. I will remember.

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