Not Will Protect But Never Save

Not is never enough
Let the striving fall
Not will never win
There must be more or none at all
We cannot live for negatives
But must have something to hold close
We must move towards something
Or nothing at here at all.
Hold the flames up close and see
How they burn away the worst
And if the best might come to be
Then maybe there is hope.
I could not live to avoid
I must needs steer towards some real point
But when the house is burning down
It is hard to see.
Will you save me from myself?
From my enemies in force?
Will you save me from the wolf?
Or will I simply die in testing?
Better men have fallen hard
And I still walk above the ground
I am tired in my bones
And hope is hard to find.


3 thoughts on “Not Will Protect But Never Save

  1. Sometimes Hope IS hard to find, but it is always there… you just have to trust that it’s there and keep going until it finds you. Usually it arrives right when you least expect it. : D

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