Why is this room empty?
Where has the laughter gone?
Blissful nights of righteous sex
and teaspoons fool of vodka?

Where is the drunken dancing?
The poor-choice nights of fun?
Where is the rough and ready?
And speedy hope reborn?

Why is this room now empty?
The one inside my heart
Where have the one’s who filled it full
Gone to in their death?

To Gaze

I would call upon thee
Gentle as the night
A light that warms my iced up heart
And sets things back just right.

A voice that I would hear
That calms my raging storm
I would call upon thee
To keep my body warm.

I dare not dream yet you intrude
And every thought turns fast to you
I would call upon thee
But fear is strong when true.


I guess you have a point
I mean you’re right it’s true
The things we do not know today
Are a bit scary.

But sometimes knowing makes me sad
And I used to explore
And hope and dream and try new things
Every day I left my door.

Don’t be scared oh precious one
You are worth so many birds
And you were made for weighty things
I feel it in my bones.

Conversation Fragment

I could not quiet those inside
The screaming crying pieces
The pieces of myself that would not lay down
That would not trust
That would not listen
That would not believe
The pieces whose pain would not be eased
Who wanted only to rage
And so I was torn
Torn apart
From the inside out.

Is there a happy ending here?


Adorned in splendor not from men
Cascades of gold that that do inspire
Saphyre orbs that tell a tale
And cause a spark that lights the fire.

Something in the sound of peace
That wakes in you a latent hope
Laughter is the sweetest thing
To stir the soul to rest.

We all must dream of such great things
Or lose the will to carry on
And take the gift that comes in time
And turn our gaze above.