Losing, Draft II

Enter in the morning glow
Let the faces light the heart
Hear the sound of mistletoe
Falling to the floor.

Do not stop for oranges
In the lane down on the street
I will find a market soon
In the sand-swept valley.

To the place where heads are lost
On that festive party day
Celebrate the fortunes kept
In the market place.

Take the stair on up around
To the door with peeling paint
Let your wishes come to pass
When you enter in.

I will find that spring again
On the valley floor below
Will you sing to me about
The love we threw away.

I can feel the petals soft
On my skin deep in my mind
In the prison where I wait
As I close my eyes.

We have lost so many things
And losing seems a way of life
Would that I could make my peace
And put and end to all my strife.

Celebrated let them spread
sharing fortune far and wide
releasing what is held in hands
and wisely sharing peace of mind

(The last stanza was written not by myself, but by harulawordsthatserve)

The original draft can be found here


4 thoughts on “Losing, Draft II

  1. Wow, this is fabulous. Enjoyed it the first time, but I’m so pleased you took it a little further, and completely honoured that you used the stanza I offered:-) I love the ‘petals soft on my skin’ stanza and the image of the spring you want to find again.

    1. I was exhausted last night but now that I am awake it is going to bug me to know end until I actually cite your part in the post itself– so how do you prefer to be addressed? I can make a note that says “last stanza written by harulawordsthatserve” if you want… but if you prefer a name or some other moniker let me know.

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