Cup of Friendship

I feel alone in gentle sun
And soon the scorching will return
But in the morning while I sit
I ask you for this thing.

I’m still a dog in many ways
And dogs they like to play
But I’m alone here in this sunrise
Waiting for I know not what.

I have some difficulties now
Putting words to my request
As if the need was shameful too
And I was somehow wrong.

Words have power so you say
And I am often sore afraid
As if by saying things go away
And never come again.

The hardships in this valley low
Leave me in a weakened state
I need a friend to help me out
Before it is too late.

You know best I do believe
But I don’t know just how you work
And mysteries breed doubt and pain
Within their beauty as they lie.


4 thoughts on “Cup of Friendship

    1. I HAVE A VOICE,

      Analogy and metaphor are my stock and trade. The dog is a rich metaphor that has the benefit of being able to convey multiple meanings at the same time. And metaphors are intended to make you contemplate…

      -Soul Walker

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