Conversation Fragment

I could not quiet those inside
The screaming crying pieces
The pieces of myself that would not lay down
That would not trust
That would not listen
That would not believe
The pieces whose pain would not be eased
Who wanted only to rage
And so I was torn
Torn apart
From the inside out.

Is there a happy ending here?

11 thoughts on “Conversation Fragment

      1. Life does have a tendency to hand us little nuggets of shit . Hopefully there is a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel to focus on. I feel very much the same atm. xx

        1. Jen,

          I am sorry to hear that another would feel as I do… I have always thought the feelings were the things I did not understand and had the hardest time dealing with. While feelings are not reality they always colour reality. The heart is a strange and mysterious thing.

          -Soul Walker

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