The Daughters of Lot

You lived in a wicked city
Perhaps you were born there
Perhaps you were not
Perhaps you were teenagers
Perhaps you were in your forties
No one knows your names for sure.

Your uncle’s God destroyed your home
Perhaps your friends were dead
And maybe their children,
That you used to baby-sit.

And man did not seem to possess the capability to destroy cities yet
And so you could not doubt the cause
Your uncle’s God.

Did your father love your uncle’s God?
Did he on the day his home was destroyed
and his wife (your mother)
was turned to salt?

He begged the angels to let you all go to that town
But then he was too afraid to live there
And so you
(the three of you)
went up to the hills
(which is where your dad was told to go in the first place)
and you lived in a cave.

Did you think that that valley was only the beginning?
Did you think the whole world was being destroyed,
One city at a time?
Did you miss your mother?

How did you cope?
How did you attempt to comfort each other?
Did your father lose his mind?
How could you have not?

8 thoughts on “The Daughters of Lot

  1. Very heavy. Never pondered that day’s impact on others. It’s sort of a scary reminder of God’s mysteries regarding power (and justice), and our need for the Advocate.

    1. I don’t think I had ever pondered it enough either. I always hear how crazy or wrong it was that in the cave they got their dad drunk and had sex with him so that they could have kids… and while it still sounds repulsive, sad, desperate, and wrong– it does not sound crazy in the way I once thought… which is probably a good thing. It can be so tempting to think, “I would never do that,” or to say, “how could you possibly ever do that?!” (as if you really just couldn’t understand and would never actually do the same thing yourself). It can be hard to walk a mile in another’s shoes…

  2. This was not merely interesting but weightier than most have ever sat down to examine… Their main reason was for the child to be the first born, inheritors… incestuous relations always bring condemnation ~ fascinating read.

      1. no, condemnation is really 2 unpardonable sins, denying the Holy Ghost after it’s confirmed that Jesus is the Christ and murder… other sins take one into gradual darkness which in a sense IS hell.

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