Stand and Wait

If you have spoken
You will come through
And you will continue to lead
In various ways
You will always get my attention
And so you have it
Please do not stop teaching me
Please do not stop loving me
I know that you have already said you would never leave nor forsake
And I know your word stands true
But I did not know how hard it would be
To wrestle my own heart
I am afraid
Please do not leave me

The Daughters of Lot

You lived in a wicked city
Perhaps you were born there
Perhaps you were not
Perhaps you were teenagers
Perhaps you were in your forties
No one knows your names for sure.

Your uncle’s God destroyed your home
Perhaps your friends were dead
And maybe their children,
That you used to baby-sit.

And man did not seem to possess the capability to destroy cities yet
And so you could not doubt the cause
Your uncle’s God.

Did your father love your uncle’s God?
Did he on the day his home was destroyed
and his wife (your mother)
was turned to salt?

He begged the angels to let you all go to that town
But then he was too afraid to live there
And so you
(the three of you)
went up to the hills
(which is where your dad was told to go in the first place)
and you lived in a cave.

Did you think that that valley was only the beginning?
Did you think the whole world was being destroyed,
One city at a time?
Did you miss your mother?

How did you cope?
How did you attempt to comfort each other?
Did your father lose his mind?
How could you have not?


I crawled down under in the night
To escape the fear of day
And made my home within a hell
And thought I might just have to stay.

I stayed down under far too long
Until I heard your voice above
And peered outside to see your face
But I am so afraid of love.

Let the sun which sees me now
Have me in the worst of times
So that I may see the best
And burn and burn and burn.

Waiting For You

I wonder how often someone has waited
For me to let them in
Or open up
Or give them an answer
Or pay them attention
Or take their hand
Or show them kindness…

I wonder this now
because I wait for you
I hold no expectation
But must I not dare to hope
And how often we think it is a small thing
And does not matter
And so we do not answer
And so now
As I wait
May I remember to answer those who perhaps
Just maybe
Are waiting for me.