You can’t be real
I mean,
not really real, anyways
I kind of get the brain chemistry thing
and I get the whole “have to WANT to change” thing
but why would I ever get
to have
like you?

My faith is not that big
and my hatred
is that strong
and so

I have a little trouble…



11 thoughts on “Believing

  1. It seems to me that hating one’s self is, by its fruit, a way to hate others, because everything and everyone (along with self/one’s own future) is held in abeyance. I’ve found that only the Hound of Heaven never gives up on one, never moves off from one; everyone else is only human. Peace.

    1. You know it is funny you should mention that. I have often reflected (though not enough of course) on the “second greatest commandment” and what is potentially implied about how a person should view themselves. Peace be with you as well.

  2. Hope you can be able to move beyond the self and start to see the self as part of the cosmos, made of stardust and only important in the context of everything else. But a beautiful poem, thankyou.

    1. Lindy Lee,

      Belief mechanisms are very interesting and for some reason not often understood by the intellectual and “man on the street” alike. I’ve often wondered why so many people (not you mind you) spend so little time thinking about them (belief mechanisms that is). I love it when someone re-reads anything I write. May my vague poetry and my overly literal responses to comments not ever be too bothersome. Cheers. 🙂

      -Soul Walker

  3. I believe Jesus is coming soon for His bride and many will be left behind. I am thinking of all the souls which will perish because they have not been taught the truth about the Bible and have believed a theory or some man’s teachings instead of reading the Holy Scriptures which shows that the early church were followers of Jesus. Jesus was the head of the church and yet is if man will recognize Him! It is a sad story seeing since the early church age choose to modify scriptures with their own legalistic schemes including ordaining popes and or other leaders for any body of believers instead of allowing God, the Holy Spirit now in us, to lead us now as the early disciples did until it too was corrupted by man’s theology. God designed the creation plan but man corrupted it and today is likened to those “Days of Noah.” Please read the Bible, learn what God’s plan was from the beginning of creation to the closing of Revelation! I am thinking and praying for lost souls.

    1. Attributed to St. Francis, “Preach the Gospel; use words, if necessary.” Hence, I have *heard* some of the best preaching at the soup kitchen — via those who plan/shop/inventory/seek donations & volunteers; via those who cook, serve, clean up; via those who play the piano for our guests and via those who sit with them and catch up on all that is not going on in their lives. Not even the Good Book can whip up steaming pots of mac ‘n’ hamburger ‘n’ cheese and send it where needed, along with decent company (if not also music!). If one “preaches” love and care — like Mother Teresa did, thus, even without evangelizing — one needn’t worry so much about others’ souls, nor even one’s own! We who have heard, can do it to/for Him when we do it to/for the least of His peopole — as He said was so. Others who haven’t heard can have/live/increase love just as much, though. John — who could’ve said anything else, said, “God is love,” and even cranky Paul said that without love, we’re but a clanging cymbal. “And the greatest of these is love.”

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