Fractured View

You asked why you were forsaken
As if you did not know
Can you not know?
How am I to understand your not knowing?
Am I to be comforted if you are not wholly other?
If you became as us
How then can you triumph?
The demons are strong
In life and in metaphor…

Round and round we dance
And sing and sing and fall
We long for every chance
But we cannot see it all.

In our struggle
Its desire is for us
It lies in wait
How may we rule over it?
I do not understand…


Yesterday, I ran and ran and ran
My knees ached and hurt
My body grew tired and sore
And still I thought of you.

Up the mountainside I went
And down again with many views
And in the splendor still I thought
Still I thought of you.

I did not see you yesterday
Except of course inside my mind
And in my heart that mystery
I hope one day to find.