The Great Adventure

I was not a very long-lived Chapman fan
But here I am today
And as I take that step
I am on my way.


4 thoughts on “The Great Adventure

  1. It is always a great adventure when it comes to discover oneself. Not always easy being alone on that way but gotta be confident that one day when I’ll look back, I will be able to say “I did it”.

    Your nickname is meaningful too. Why made you chose it ?

    1. julyaly,

      It is true that being alone is difficult. If I ever get to look back I will know that “we did it,” not me by myself. And that “we” will make all the difference. But I long most for the day when I can truly say of all my joys and heartaches that “He did it.”

      As to the name… perhaps you should read the poem “Many Days” if you have not already. There is a page at the top. It is the first poem published on this site. I think perhaps it will answer your question better than anything I would say at the moment.

      -Soul Walker

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