As I have just had another anniversary for this blog I feel some changes are in order. So if the site looks different for the next couple of weeks or so don’t panic. I will be trying out various theme changes and other little bits. Of course if you have any thoughts on that don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments– even if the thoughts are, “PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!”

The Desert Abbey will return so if anyone is interested in posting on this site that will be an option once again. However, in order to do that I will need to find a new blog e-mail (as the old one from Lavabit is no longer functioning). So I will ask all of you:

Do any of you have a dedicated blog e-mail? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Any recommendations? Any companies to avoid?

I appreciate all of you and look forward to a new year with some old friends and plenty of new ones.


14 thoughts on “Construction…

  1. Soul,
    Not a theme I am fond of, but that’s just me. I think you have more light in you for this look… That is my humble opinion.

    Also, I do use an email address for my blog, and I like it, even though I receive a shit load of email…

    I still have to comment on your two year celebration post. I can’t miss that one.
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown,

      I look forward to that comment. Also, there will be more posts about the anniversary– that was just one and I have a lot of thoughts and things to say… and as this is my space I will say them. You may be mentioned on Monday’s post (although I can neither confirm nor deny that at this point).

      I will definitely consider what you said about the light…

      Oh, and thank you.

      -Soul Walker

  2. QueridaJ,

    I almost like the current theme. I like that it is simple but the placement of the dates in between the title and the text bugs me more than a little. Everyone I have gotten feedback from so far is doesn’t want me to go with a darker colour for the background but I really want to. I am currently thinking about this. What do you think about the new header picture? Oh, and do you have an e-mail company you prefer?

    -Soul Walker

    1. Maybe you could find a theme that darkens or lightens so that you can still have your darker coloured background? Actually about the header pic…is it a pic of your boots from a chair lift? that’s what I get the impression of…I think it suits cause it’s like the moment before going off on a journey…my little interpretation anyways. And sorry no I don’t have a particular email company, I like how gmail is.

      1. QueridaJ,

        I will definitely continue looking at different themes. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Those boots are not on a chairlift. They are looking down from the top of Denali Pass at 19,000 feet. No chairlift there… much higher and much more remote… and not so easy to breathe.


        -Soul Walker

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