20 thoughts on “Waking

    1. QueridaJ,

      It is hard when the heart grows weary. It grows hard to do day to day tasks even (if the heart is allowed to grow too tired). Many things will wear our hearts out. I forget sometimes that some of them are avoidable.

      -Soul Walker

  1. I often wish WP offered an “Appreciate This” as well as a “Like” button, as it’s hard to like a person’s pain. Anyway, I really really really like this new blog format and the photos. Are you happy with it?

    1. Relax,

      I am happier with it… but not completely satisfied. I kind of wanted to keep to free themes (not because of money but because of some desire to relate to people of all walks…) but it appears that all of the free themes now carry ads with them. This is something I find to be jarring in this context. I will likely either have to cave and pay or leave WordPress…

      -Soul Walker

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