17 thoughts on “I Would

      1. It’s one of those terms rarely seen because it’s so inherently true. Maybe all love is complex. Like showing up for your mother’s last day, last breaths, watching her actively die, yet not being able to say, “I love you,” because you’re angry and now about suffering and death, too. But the fact is, one could’ve avoided it, left it to someone else, along with the previous 9 months of care, along with the rest of the 43 years of showing up when others did not. Showing up even to the last bridge of life, even though it might wreck one’s faith. Like showing up to a Gethsemane or a Pieta, except without feeling the sacred– only ripping fear. Love is a doing, not a feeling. Like resurrection. It is complex.

        1. While I understand that many situations are complex I also know that sometimes we say a thing is complex when really we just mean it is hard. I do not pretend to speak to the situation you just mentioned of course but I do know that often we tell ourselves that things are complicated when really they are not… but simple rarely equates to easy in real life.

      1. Hey QueridaJ is good, thanks for asking =) about your previous question…I haven’t found another place to move to…for now i’m just being chagrined with the ads…if it worsens then i’ll start the search for another place I guess.

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