The Beginning

Stories told that we would see
If our eyes were not so dim
But in the telling we will hear
What we could not see to trim.

And as we whittle all away
That does not lead us to the gate
I pause to look around today
And feel the chilly breath of fate.

I could not ever hope to rise
On the road that’s marked before
But map in hand with spirit’s guide
I make my way to distant shore.

Here in This Place

I hate this place
There is no wind
Unless it’s blasting you with sand
There is no heat
Unless it is burning your skin
There is no peace
Unless you came with it
And I did not
And I am so exhausted
By my own sins
And those done to me
That I feel comatose.

I cannot cry out to you in this state
It feels like I will die here

I remember the day she kissed me
But I threw that away
And my hope went with it.

Thank you for the food in my belly
I know that it might not always come
Thank you for the shade from the sun
I know that I may yet be cast out further still
Thank you for the work
Forgive my complaints
I have forgotten how to pray
Christ have mercy.