Children’s Blocks

Don’t make me feel this shit
Don’t make me remember
I spent so many years constantly numbing myself
Just to avoid this moment
Late at night
Late in the dead of night
Do not let me wake to feel
I do not want to remember my nightmares
Let me sleep unto death
And so I never ever feel again.

In a garden there is a blizzard
And the wind is all I hear
And death a sweet sweet mother
Singing to her dear.

I would escape this moment
I would run till the end
But you would have me turn and face it
But I am so afraid.

Long ago I slipped away
From the present moment here
Brought only ever back near death
I stayed so far away.

Please don’t make me feel this
Please just let me run
I cannot take such things again
I cannot take the pain.

In a peaceful night
A better man
Bends his knees to pray.

Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy
I feel the storm inside
It rises to the surface now
And soon I will no longer stay
That awful energy released
And so my heart will be blown
In peaces on the wind
Scattered to the ends of time
And what is left
Will only be
What God himself constructs.


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