4 thoughts on “Writers

  1. Relax,

    I can’t think of any long dead boozed out women that I would quote. Any suggestions? I mean, I actually don’t really particularly care what sex a writer is and so the fact that a writer has a penis or a vagina is not really a good reason to read him or her at all… but I’m curious none the less. Any dead women writers you are fond of who have been recorded in the annals of history as having been a raging alcoholic? I’m always looking to expand my horizons. Let me know.

    -Soul Walker

    1. There are two who rush to mind, but I’d rather not name them. Gender wasn’t my point. Talent was, and it should speak for itself. Having had so many bubbles burst for me, I’ve had to work my way through finding out just how abnormal or unhappy or sinful many artists were, so that I could read their work and give it what it deserves. To know that profundity can come from one’s own tortured places is indeed a comfort.

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