On Evil

Evil speaks in many tongues
And fire burns from every place
It has touched and left again
That we might see its shadow’s face.

In the alleys back in town
And in the mansions countryside
Its breath is whispered in the places
We would never think to hide.

Is there hope against this tide?
This shifting malice in the night
Who will save us from this mist?
That we cannot yet see to fight.

3 thoughts on “On Evil

  1. The banality of evil… I read an essay about evil that might interest you: “Three Faces of Evil: Christian Writers and the Portrayal of Moral Evil.” Have you read anything on the psychology of evil? I really want to study up on it, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Anything you’d recommend?

    1. Psychology has never been an area of study for me. I always hold it suspect. It’s a testament to my biases, my judgmentalism, and my ignorance I’m sure. But more to the point I do not currently have any recommendations for anything on the psychology of evil. I will, however, make an effort to find a copy of the essay you mentioned and read it… but only if you feel comfortable with the idea of me hating it and voicing my opinion. If not I’ll probably skip it because I am not exactly short on things to read. I hope you have a fantastic day stranger. Thanks for the recommendation. Cheers.

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