On Veterans Day

So I was sitting in this breakfast place
The kind of place you would expect

And I was alone
(as usual these days)
and I kept looking across the table
(it was a small cramped table)
and seeing you
As if you were sitting there,
across from me,
still alive.

It seemed like it would have been
a great place to go eat
before we went climbing
(and then you could deck in your mom’s harness–
which would scare the shit out of everyone…
but still be funny).

I just kept imagining you there
sitting with me
maybe you came to visit
and I was going to show you some sweet rocks up at the lake.

I guess you did come to visit
and yes,
I saw the rack on our waitress
yes, I get it,
the woman who is too old for both of us has a great pair of tits
I know,
They’re really big buddy
And when you say it like that…

even I think it’s a little funny.

What are you thinking?

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