New Year

A bitter part of all that’s been
Resides within my heart
And as the earth comes round again
I wish for different things.

The ugly weight of all that pain
Leaves an ugly scar
Or Two, or three, or many more
And we don’t look the same.

Precious faith so small today
If you fade we fade away
And if you grow we may yet rise
And if we can we’ll make the skies.

But in the darkness of the year
The one we barely made it through
There was this light shone so dear
And bright like fire in the ink.

A single star I know not why
And voices clamor to explain
But the beauty of the light
Fills my eyes with tears.

I do not know what happens next
And what this cycle new born brings
But precious faith so small today…
Please let me hear you sing.

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