On My Mind

You know,
I wonder about you
which probably makes the title a little to easy
but the thing is,
I don’t wonder about everyone.

It is not necessarily anything to do
with romance
or pity
(both of which are good-
despite our culture ruining the first and decrying the second)
But it is unusual.

People are what matter
And this is easy to forget
But I have not forgotten you.


It Is Hard To Remember

Sometimes when you open up
A person doesn’t respond
(and they certainly don’t open up to you)
And you feel exposed
And vulnerable
And at least a little hurt.

Sometimes when a person opens up to you
You don’t respond
(and you have no idea what to say)
And you don’t know what to do
And you can tell
That not saying anything hurt.

Pretty Things

I watched the sunrise over the desert hills this morning
And I remember the waterfalls up north
And the first time I saw a breast I wasn’t supposed to
And how the clouds clung like loose towels to the mountain top
And then they fell away.

The first time I saw a band of wild horses running free
I cried when the sun broke through the clouds
And as hair fell down her back
So I once saw a mountain move.

The giant Orca came near our boat
And we saw her children play
And sometimes I need another’s smile
And still I might just crash.

But one day then forgiven
Even I will see
The beauty so created
That resides in me.