Is there relief
From feelings?
Or do they ravage and burn
Until nothing but a husk is left
And pieces of it blow away in the wind?
Do the stones care about our anger?
Do they feel our pain?
They hold up to burning
As we just come round again.

I Hope

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
I will feel certain things
Certain things I know

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
I will trust more than I do.

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
The light that falls on me
Will fill me up
and spill over and out
and I will shine back.

I hope.


Distanced from our hearts
We find ourselves
As we promised
We never would
And thought
We never could.

And when we only feel
And do not think
We get even worse
And we wake up
in places
places we never dreamed
except in our worst nightmares.

And now we reside
In this darkness
And from here we seek the gospel
if it seeks us
and not from some high place
but from this pit
way down here.

Sing to me of your freedom
Tell me of mountaintops and clouds like skirts
That swirl and twirl and hide and reveal
And let me feel relief
and hope
if only for a moment.


Hoping (With No Immediate Signs) To Love

“I love you”
Something I’ve said before
Do you remember how scary it is
To say it the first time?
And sometimes that first time
Is not scary at all
Until after
Because it just spilled out of your mouth
Without any plan at all
And then you realized you meant it
After it was said
And froze like a deer in the headlights,
Waiting for a response

Despite My Wishes

But happy endings lost to heartless waves
And sinking drowning dreams are lost in the cold wet dark
The light does not follow so far
But down there
You are not alone
And you will wish you were
When I am lost
Please come find me
Do leave me to myself
Though I cast you away
You must return
Or love falls to dust
And the world is undone.