Changing Everything

But I want to give in
And give up
Better men than me could not change
And who am I?
I want to fall back into darkness
As it gently tears me to peaces from the inside out
In what world could I possibly ever hope to triumph?
In what world could I ever imagine changing?
Who am I that I should think I could be better?
That I could change?

I am nothing.

I am no one.

But then there was the incarnation.

Did not God become a man?

Blood and scales and screaming pain
I beg you to change what I cannot change-
My heart.

Forgive me and show me flying horses.

Restore me and let me be held.

Let that tiny seed grow.


12 thoughts on “Changing Everything

        1. daphnefisher,

          When He wants to yes… but I am not privy to many of His actions or motivations. If it helps I guess I could mention that I rarely feel inspired at all and that just about all the poems on this particular site are rough drafts. Still God has His way, often despite my involvement.

          Do you feel inspired in writing poetry… or in some other area of your life?

          -Soul Walker

          1. You know, you could be more involved in knowing what He is doing in your life… It’s very simple.

            Yes, I definitely feel inspired by God’s spirit to write music or poetry or maybe just a letter. And you know SoulWalker, your poetry just inspired me to write my last post. Just thought you would like to know. I see a lot of depth in what you write. Though you may write few words; you have something to say…

            1. I have tried to respond to this comment three times already and my computer keeps dying, or the internet connection goes out just before I hit “post comment.” Perhaps someone didn’t want me to respond so quickly… or not, I couldn’t say. But I do read comments and usually respond to them in a day or two at the most (for future reference). I am surprised to hear I inspired someone.

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