Hoping (With No Immediate Signs) To Love

“I love you”
Something I’ve said before
Do you remember how scary it is
To say it the first time?
And sometimes that first time
Is not scary at all
Until after
Because it just spilled out of your mouth
Without any plan at all
And then you realized you meant it
After it was said
And froze like a deer in the headlights,
Waiting for a response


6 thoughts on “Hoping (With No Immediate Signs) To Love

  1. Oh wow you really brought back some memories…I remember being told “I love you” but I was so shocked that all that came out of my mouth was “um, ohhh…thank you….?”
    I did end up saying “I love you” back eventually…but you’re right because he said it, it made it safer to say it back…

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