I Hope

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
I will feel certain things
Certain things I know

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
I will trust more than I do.

I hope.

I hope that one day soon
The light that falls on me
Will fill me up
and spill over and out
and I will shine back.

I hope.

12 thoughts on “I Hope

    1. That is a nice thing to say to someone. Flattery will get you a lot of places. I might be able to click on that link by Tuesday… so if it is time sensitive it just won’t happen. But I will check it out as soon as I can.

        1. I checked out the link. I am not interested. I don’t really like the idea. Also, I am tired in my bones. I am actually considering quitting blogging altogether (and no, I don’t know how to spell that last word). I definitely wouldn’t last with letter and six day a week requirements. If you are doing it I hope you enjoy it and get something great from it. Cheers.

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