A Prayer of Hope

Lord I falter
Shelter me with wings
And kill all my enemies
Especially those inside.

Do not delay
Let the carnage show your love
Let me know you hear
And see.

You made mountains
Now tear them down
Lead me to a better place
And I will be comforted.

For you are God of all.


8 thoughts on “A Prayer of Hope

  1. I like that you show the frustration and questioning of one who is troubled. It is difficult, I’ll agree with that, and I think we all have darkness as well as light within (my own philosophy) so it is our choice to be still and let more lightness in or let it grow, or to harbor the darkness and feed it with our frustration… Excellent writing… As you say, feelings just are. As a child once said when asked why he believed in a greater force (God, in my vocabulary) when he could never see him, he answered with, “but can you prove He is not there, if not, who made all the beauty around us in such intricate detail”… I tend to go with him. I “see” his hand in so many things that happen to me or I am lead to do for others and later find out that they were “on the ledge” so to speak. Sorry…. didn’t mean to be quite so talkative. 😀

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