An Attempt at Listening

Did you send them all my way?
The lines, the words, the awkward hugs
Did the sun rise to the day?
Or did the world just turn and shrug?


7 thoughts on “An Attempt at Listening

  1. A Soul Walker,
    Far too long I have followed your blog without saying how much I am moved by your words. I am afraid I have been a big coward but it is time to tell you – thank you for sharing your thoughtful poetry. I am sorry that it took so long.
    With hope,

    1. Polyphonyof1voice,

      I often wonder if words I say (in “real” life or online) have any impact. It is often the case that a person does not really know just what impact they have on other people if those people remain silent. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Remember that people need other people’s words… even when you sometimes feel you don’t have much to say. Cheers.

      -Soul Walker

      1. Soul Walker,
        Thank you for your encouraging words. Oft times, I get stuck on words. I will take to heart your prompting to write. I have wasted too much time being fearful.
        Thank you again!

        With hope,

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