With Blade and Fire Am I Instructed

But when I showed you a piece of me
A broken piece
You said nothing.

And your silence was a fire
And it burned all the pieces
And I felt them screaming
Screaming so loud
And yet you said nothing in response
And the world just turns for you
As all the broken pieces of my long forgotten heart
Shriek and turn black and then white…
and then blow away in the wind.

Why do I want to be heard?
Why do I want you to care?
The stones will not cry out
Will not be heard above the screams of my ashes
Even as they scatter in the wind.

Let the holy one judge me
And let me so be judged
His whip and scourge is to be preferred
Far more than your “friendship.”

And in this let me now see others who are forgotten
Who have not been heard
And may I do unto others…


2 thoughts on “With Blade and Fire Am I Instructed

  1. Soul Walker,
    Your words convict to the very heart of the consequences of staying silent. I will remember your words as I have others. You mention His scourging that He endured silently which paints a clear picture of the pain of being beaten down by people. Thank you for such thought-provoking words.


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