9 thoughts on “To Be a Friend

  1. Soul Walker,
    Your poetry is so much like a conversation. I appreciate that you write as if in the middle of conversing. I agree with you. I started the blog here or rather writing to keep a promise that I made to a love no longer living. The problem that I found is the more I wrote the more I found myself in the midst of a grief that I stuffed down deep. I do not want to live in the past but will use the past as a jumping off point. Thank you for your thoughts! Polyphonyof1voice

    1. Polyphonyof1voice,

      While it is not good to live in the past that never means that we need to forget it. I am glad to hear you keeping a promise. I hope that I remember the right things without dwelling on them too much myself.

      -Soul Walker

      1. Soul Walker,
        Thank you for you kind words. It has been a very tough year of grief -a journey so to say- that is why I found your blog way back in August/September so worthwhile to pay attention to though you did not know it, I read.

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