The Morning Paper

A man went out to greet the day
And grabbed his paper off the lawn
And as he waved to neighbors near
He was greeted by the dawn.

He poured his coffee in his cup
He spread the jam upon his toast
And opened up his newspaper
And turned to see what it would boast.

The nation had done such and such
And “science” had done this and that
But with the morning’s gentle rays
The world was still devolving fast.

He put his paper down to rest
The news it brought was sore indeed
And all the good it thought to plant
Choked and choked just like a weed.


And Then…

But really,
if we are honest,
We want to avoid the confrontation
(not all of us mind you).
But all of us
Want to avoid
some confrontation.

We all want to be loved-
But how hard is it?
We all want to belong,
But we don’t always look around us.

You see,
we all want to connect with someone-
we need to connect with someone.
And who is trying?
Desperately trying
to connect with us,
right now?

Loving is hard, isn’t it?
And I am not talking about romance
The way is hard
and who can tread it,
without God?

It seems
that it is hard to go without people
and that it can be hard to love people without God
and it can be hard to approach God…
and then there is this gospel.

Crying from the Pain I Caused

I was not strong enough
And I failed you
I sinned against you in my weakness and pain
I was not holy
I was not righteous
I was not faithful.

I burn from light
Like some lost vampire made flesh
and I crawl to the sun
and feel like I am naked on broken glass.

Let me be consumed
and even your name be praised
Let me be broken
and your name be lifted up
I am too worn to shake
But you are holy.

Take this sin from your servant
Even if he is broken
Do not delay oh Lord
It all closes fast.

I will sing of your praise though I fail
I will worship you
You are my fixed point unmoved in the raging storm.