First Impressions

There is a demon
That demon wraps like a snake
Wrapped around my chest and throat
And the demon chokes me with lies
and fear
And I think I am only the bad things I have done
And I think I am only the things that have been done to me-
Especially the things I do not speak of
And the people around me
They do not understand
For the most part
They do not have room
no room for my anguish
no room for this much pain
They do not hope for me
They are not along side me
they cannot bear with me
It seems it is too much
At least that is how it seems.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Soul Walker,
    I am moved to the core from your words here that I will think on them throughout my day. Thank you for such a thought-provoking poem.

      1. Soul Walker,
        Thank you. My problem is I think too much or rather mull over things too much! I am too cautious with many things in my life. And I did think about God today and how I need more of Him in my life! I appreciate your encouragement! Thank you! I hope you are encouraged as well.

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