And Then…

But really,
if we are honest,
We want to avoid the confrontation
(not all of us mind you).
But all of us
Want to avoid
some confrontation.

We all want to be loved-
But how hard is it?
We all want to belong,
But we don’t always look around us.

You see,
we all want to connect with someone-
we need to connect with someone.
And who is trying?
Desperately trying
to connect with us,
right now?

Loving is hard, isn’t it?
And I am not talking about romance
The way is hard
and who can tread it,
without God?

It seems
that it is hard to go without people
and that it can be hard to love people without God
and it can be hard to approach God…
and then there is this gospel.


4 thoughts on “And Then…

  1. Soul Walker,
    While I read this poem I am reminded of your piece Deciding to Love. Both poems speak to me of this difficult way of loving another human being. I believe it does begin with God and a decision to love. This gospel is that we love because He first loved us. God is a wonderful description of love and He can enable us to love in all the midst of all the difficulty. ‘Love is patient, Love is kind…Love bears all things, believes all things. Love never fails’ I Corinthians 13
    Thank you for writing.

    1. Soul Walker,
      Let me fix my grammar. I apologize but I did not proof my copy before I posted. God gives us strength to love through very.difficult situations.

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