The Morning Paper

A man went out to greet the day
And grabbed his paper off the lawn
And as he waved to neighbors near
He was greeted by the dawn.

He poured his coffee in his cup
He spread the jam upon his toast
And opened up his newspaper
And turned to see what it would boast.

The nation had done such and such
And “science” had done this and that
But with the morning’s gentle rays
The world was still devolving fast.

He put his paper down to rest
The news it brought was sore indeed
And all the good it thought to plant
Choked and choked just like a weed.


9 thoughts on “The Morning Paper

  1. Soul Walker,
    Thank you for your sobering poem it speaks to me of anticipation. Your words “and put his paper down to rest.” In my life, it seems that it is the rest that God can do good in the midst of the bad — though I too feel bad news ruins the day. I just need to look up and trust.
    Thank you for your writing.
    Peace to you,

      1. Soul Walker,
        Lately, I have been reading your related poetry for each piece. Each piece takes on such a deeper meaning as you weave beautiful interconnections between the pieces. As I read your poem, ‘The Stairwell’ along with this piece you paint it clear the longing for a place of peace. Thank you so for writing.

        Bad news is all around everyday…maybe the man needs to a biscotti with his coffee instead of toast…there is my lighter side shining through 🙂

        1. Polyphonyof1voice,

          I don’t know if it is any good but that poem you mentioned was one I really liked writing. I haven’t looked at it in quite some time.

          And by the way, I appreciate the lighter side.

          -Soul Walker

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