Feeling Again

I leave the blank stare that hides
What it thinks it cannot hold
And go to one that still abides
Though it seems to be quite old.

I wish for all the young ones now
And even will I say a prayer
That they would not feel this alone
As I do now deep in this lair.

But as the sleeping dragon wakes
And I begin to rouse again
It is to pain and suffering
That I awake inside this den.


Get Well

Traveling alone
I have found my need for others
And searching inside
Has shown me where the answers are not

But let me love now
Though I do not know the way
Let me love now
Though I do not know how.

I must trust
and learn to trust
That you are not in my life
for nothing.

Fragments from the Gospel Road

If you pretend to overlook an offense
It really isn’t love.

And resentment builds and it comes out
One way or another.

I love to find the best of things
And search them to the core
But dinner bells begin to ring
and my mind leaves the fore.

I would love to really love
And the older now I get
I realize just how hard it is
To even love myself.

Quick falls the pretense
When life is on the line.

I cannot pretend now
To be more spiritual
Than I really am today

My heart just can’t take the lying.

Love really is
The hardest and the best
The journey and the goal
God see me through.


Here in the bright sun
With the hot wind at day
And the cold wind at night
With the sand
And the snakes,

Here the harshness speaks volumes
Speaks words we would never want to say
Speaks of our hearts and to our hearts
And here (in this wilderness)
Is the voice of God.

Let my heart be still
And let the words ring clear
Whether a whisper or a shout
From a friend
or an enemy
Let me listen in this place
and let what is spoken
sit in my bones
and may my mind and heart understand
What my soul has already learned.

We have all been many places
even if we never leave home
and what we look for
this is not inside of ourselves.