After All

Can’t stop thinking about her
Before anyone gets excited
Let’s be honest
I am not a fan of obsession
It’s hard to distinguish from devotion
And the night
and day
and night
and day
seems more frustrating than anything
But maybe there is a reason
(did I mention she gets on my nerves?)
Maybe it is an opportunity
to go beyond
the things I want
because after all
life isn’t all about me.

8 thoughts on “After All

  1. Soul Walker,
    Your words are meaningful here for me. As I have been wrestling with the ability to forgive and your description of the day and night is a good description of my being able to loosen my grip on being able to forgive. These thoughts are only my own but your words speak to the ability to forgive another person. Thank you for reminding the necessity to forgive. Thanks!

      1. At the time it’s happening… yes, it surely is. It’s taken me years to look back to see what the reason was… I still may not agree with it, but I usually see it, or think I do… LOL

        1. I find it difficult to disagree with God… and that is not meant to be a joke. Yet sometimes it just seems like I’m lying to myself and Him if I don’t admit my disagreement or dissatisfaction.

          1. I’m sure He knows whether you tell Him or not, but there is nothing wrong with expressing dissatisfaction. I’ve done the same thing, many time…. only later… (years usually) I have to go back and say, “Now I understand why”, but that’s just me. 😀

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