On a Wednesday, After

Led around by one
Who was being led around by God
Even though she did not know it
And so certain memories were brought back to mind
And I was alone with them
While with her
As if she was not there
But there was small talk
And joking
Which seemed a bit of a relief
to her
even though
it definitely did not mean
that I was OK…


4 thoughts on “On a Wednesday, After

  1. Soul Walker,

    This poem along with others that I have read as of late make me feel I need to say I’m sorry to you even though I do not know you. I need to be more aware of how I might hurt another without knowing it. Thank you for making me feel empathy for you as a writer through your poem.


    1. Polyphonyof1voice,

      I pray that I would feel empathy and respond accordingly myself (for others and perhaps even for myself). Feelings are often a mystery to me and perhaps that is why I am so thankful to have poetry in my life.

      -Soul Walker

      1. Soul Walker,
        I agree with you about the mystery of feelings. I want to express that I have read your poetry over the months and have been so moved but not for myself but for you as poet. I am sorry that it took me so long to express it. Thank you.


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