Fragments from the Gospel Road

If you pretend to overlook an offense
It really isn’t love.

And resentment builds and it comes out
One way or another.

I love to find the best of things
And search them to the core
But dinner bells begin to ring
and my mind leaves the fore.

I would love to really love
And the older now I get
I realize just how hard it is
To even love myself.

Quick falls the pretense
When life is on the line.

I cannot pretend now
To be more spiritual
Than I really am today

My heart just can’t take the lying.

Love really is
The hardest and the best
The journey and the goal
God see me through.


4 thoughts on “Fragments from the Gospel Road

  1. Soul Walker,
    I believe that today is best where God meets us each day. His love and forgiveness matters most on the journey of learning to love another person.

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