Blessed Be

Sometimes it seems
In all the swirling light
With pedals and scents of roses
Somehow we miss delight.

Somehow it goes
That in the work so pure
With all the progress made
Our hearts are still not sure.

Somehow I dream
Despite the aching pain
And all the death that falls around
My heart returns again.


Craving Safety, Or the Danger of Growth

Sometimes things are stopped
And you feel that the massive build-up of water behind the dam
Will crush you
But you also worry
That if the dam breaks,
Everything will be ruined.

We fear a loss of control
One we do not really have to begin with
And we long for love
And peace
and purpose
and even happiness,
if possible.

Take a brick out of your pack
and give it away
I would tell you to give it to God
But you would rightly point out
That I often do not do this so well myself
And of course
Some of you
Think Him a fiction anyways.

Yet there are things
Things stopping the right flow of us
And we need healing
And maybe that means
We need
to fall apart
and let it all out,

if only we felt safe to do so.