The Ingratitude of My Own Soul

You speak of freedom as if you know
What it costs in any realm
The price is high and mostly death
That lets you sit at your own helm.


9 thoughts on “The Ingratitude of My Own Soul

  1. A bit late since it´s the 8th, but beautifully said. Very few people know what freedom costs. And those of us who do know, I´m not sure if I would prefer not to have know about it. There is a price to pay, and an ugly one for a bunch of other people that you don´t even know. But now it is all voluntary, so it´s a job as far as I was concerned. And doing you job meant accomplishing certain missions so little girls could go to school, open roads, e.t.c. during out time spent there and whatever comes afterward I don´t care too much about it. We did the best we could, and we all came back to Spain(yep, Spanish)not all I should point out. But that freedom for those people, was accomplished at least while we where there doing a job that at that time in our life´s, or my life can´t speak for all, I enjoyed.

    1. charlypriest,

      I hear what you are saying. Freedom of all kinds has a price. Whether it is political freedom, intellectual freedom, or spiritual freedom… there is always a cost. Sometimes that cost is obvious, sometimes it really is not. Peace to you sir. Cheers.

      -Soul Walker

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