Dear One

We feel rushed
And isolated
And stressed
and look
for things
we hope
will change
our hearts.


13 thoughts on “Dear One

  1. Rushed
    because of the world
    because of ourselves
    And stressed
    because of our jobs

    We look
    In the wrong places
    With the wrong faces
    We do things
    Out of order
    And hide behind
    Our borders

    Those things
    We try to find
    Yet don’t seem
    To have the time
    Are no good
    for soul and mind
    They leave us

    1. I have done
      so many things
      out of order

      Christ have mercy.

      I am worn
      from wanting
      and white-knuckled resisting…

      Which does not feel like change.

      I am so tired
      Please Lord Grant my heart peace
      but in you.

      Lord have mercy.

      There is joy
      Let me feel it
      There is love
      Let me give it
      There is hope
      Make me breathe it.

      Until I lay me down.

      1. “Dear one” speaks to the heart I hope your plea has been heard…you are so right resisting takes so much effort but it does not feel like change….last 2 stanzas of your comment I could frame alone.

      2. If you are tired
        Let it go
        Stop resisting
        Let God know

        He is mercy.

        You cry out at night
        And do not know
        The pain inside
        Won’t let you go

        He is compassionate.

        You long for joy
        For hope
        For love
        So just look up
        He waits above

        Let go of this world
        Let go of the aching
        Give Him your all
        And your heart
        Will stop shaking

        1. I have always thought the phrase, “let it go,”
          was strange
          mostly because it seemed
          As if I was asking a tree to bend its branch down to lift me up.

          There is this thought,
          (and we all have had it)
          “I am resisting,”
          in some way…
          but I never know how
          or if it is even true.

          But this I know:
          feelings do not need justification;
          they just are.

          But people get afraid
          of saying “the wrong thing,”
          and then they say nothing
          (probably because they cannot stand being uncomfortable themselves)
          and they don’t seem to realize
          that no one really needs them to have all the answers right now.

          And you have to be willing
          to say the wrong thing
          in order to have a conversation
          and you have to be willing
          to experience that feeling
          and know that (as always)
          someone might think you said something wrong
          when really it wasn’t
          (though perhaps we do not always know
          how to communicate what is right
          to a specific soul).

          And we must look to God
          And tell Him things
          And we must listen
          whether He stops the shaking
          or not.

          and is it not so hard?
          to try and reach out to a person in pain
          like trying to rescue a cat from a tree
          you mostly just get scratched
          a lot,
          before you ever get licked.

          I hope
          that seeings as my God
          is not afraid of the messiness
          that I will be less afraid of it myself
          and will not cease
          to reach out.

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