6 thoughts on “A Point of Contention

  1. What brings you to conclude that peace will only come from one place? This would be a boon, in my mind, but it seems doubtful given that you provide no explanation as to why. If you mean it’s because of personal experience, because of what you’ve seen… I guess I just don’t see that on my first read-through.

    Like the contrast between tossandturn/-/falllikelogs. Providing two options, whatever this grand force is, for those who do not enjoy. That’s a glimmer of hope, and perhaps that’s the peace you allude to. The one place is a fork in the road. It is the decision between two equivalent evils. And given one’s inability to make decisions and to psychically self-destruct during the process (thus leading one into a spiraling well of self-loathing and hallucination), perhaps it is simply that phenomenon but with the archetypal whitegood and blackevil switched out for one another.

    Still seems really tenuous though.

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