In Truth This Moment Do I Bleed

In living I have not learned life
And so it goes as I fall down
In dying I have not learned death
And so beneath my tears I drown.

Lord Jesus please forgive my sins
And make me walk with thee
My stubborn and deceitful heart
Is thrashing in the sea.

I can’t ignore the pain inside
And yet when I to sin do run
My pains they grow and multiply
And I feel all alone.

In weakness do I long for death
In fear I wish to cease my pain
Though you have promised happy breath
I scarce believe the storm in rain.

My little faith is what I have
And nothing do I care to bring
My righteousness a filthy rag
And I have lost the heart to sing.

Lord do not delay.


12 thoughts on “In Truth This Moment Do I Bleed

  1. Reblogged this on MOON OVER SPUMONI and commented:
    This heartfelt poem is by a poet I met when I began blogging 3+ years ago. I suspect it will touch many of your hearts as deeply as it did mine–so give it a read, and then visit his blog. God bless and heal all poets who call on Him.

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