The Christ Mass and Looking Forward.

I need Christmas to be real
For I am my own worst enemy
And the war is within
Come Lord Jesus come.

God made man
To dwell among us
And save us
From our sins
Christ now come.

A baby in a manger
Who made the whole world
Now down in it
In the shit with us
Lord I need you.

Angels singing,
Wise men seeking
Shepherds speaking
A mother pondering
Master I need you.

You gave up heaven
And put on our form
You who are eternal
Embraced the weakness that is all we have ever known
Save me oh King, my king who really does understand

To you be the glory.

Happy Christmas.

Change the structure of my heart
And will it not be changed?

Come Lord do not delay.


Echoes of Advent

War is found
Within each heart
And peace a long sought trumpet call
As we wait in silence thick
It often feels that we will fall.

But on the field
With Thunder’s clap
Incarnation’s voice is heard
Jesus comes and bids us hold
Until the silence breaks again.