To Begin

I had thought to find my heart
And with it all the answers sought
And sit in peace content and free
And then begin my life.

But this of course is foolishness
And life begins when you are born
And all the pain and suffering
Has made you who you are.

And this soul which walks so far
Need not wait for happiness
Need not wait for its peace
To live in life today.


I Would Hear a Song

Please sing me a song
Sing to me of Jesus
And how He’s coming back
And don’t leave out the sword
And the fire
Please tell me of the judgment
‘Cause this shit can’t go on forever
We can’t just keep hurting ourselves
And each other.

Just sing to me
Sing to me about Jesus,
On a horse
With an army
Sing to me about how He will make it stop.

My soul is weary
And tired of this life
It is hard
And the hardness makes the shortness
Seem long.

Sing to me of Jesus
Sitting on a throne
The devil thrown in hell for good
Along with all his own.

Sing to me of Jesus
A crown upon His head
And my knee bent and my head bowed
The darkness having fled.

Sing to me of Jesus
His victory complete
And I will thank you kindly
And dream of rest complete.

Sing to me of Jesus
And please do not delay
Leave the sugar and the soft
My heart now cries for judgment day.

I do love His mercy
And need His grace indeed
Yet without His power
My faith is like a reed.

I want to be held,

But I need a God who slays monsters.