To Begin

I had thought to find my heart
And with it all the answers sought
And sit in peace content and free
And then begin my life.

But this of course is foolishness
And life begins when you are born
And all the pain and suffering
Has made you who you are.

And this soul which walks so far
Need not wait for happiness
Need not wait for its peace
To live in life today.


3 thoughts on “To Begin

  1. i agree that one need not wait, but i disagree with the notion that one cannot be reinvented. individuals and businesses can do it all the time. they must. to survive. to stay fresh! dogs, too. hey, gwendolyn was 33 pounds just five years ago. now she’s a svelte 22.9, calling all the boys to the yard:) xo

  2. Eloquent and wise, i expect no less…it is true we need not wait for happiness but we can make our happiness =)

    P.s. i haven’t visited for a long while and hadn’t glimpsed your posts in my reader so thought oh goodness it is time for a direct pursuit….my heart is lighter knowing you are still here =)

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