I Noticed Something Concerning Prayer

It occurs to me
That I have never regretted
Spending time in prayer.

I have regretted
Watching TV
Eating things
Not eating things

But never prayer.

I have regretted
Having sex
Lying to make myself appear better than I really am
Staying silent
Not writing

But never prayer.

I have regretted
Speaking my mind
Saying something true
My own feelings
Being slow to forgive

But never prayer.

My prayers
Have sometimes been
Without much faith

And yet…

Of all the things I have regretted

Prayer is not on that list.

4 thoughts on “I Noticed Something Concerning Prayer

  1. Oh how lovely you said that! I couldn’t agree more. In prayer we’re conversing with our Maker and with Him we don’t need to pretend, he knows our deepest thoughts, our hearts and words that we intend to say… It’s the best relationship a person can have and there can be no regrets.

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