At The Coffee Shop


A Psalm

Have mercy upon me
Oh Lord
For I have sinned.

In my weakness
I have faltered
And my weakness is great.

It is easy to hate a weak man
It is easy to hate myself
It is easy to see the part as though a whole.

But you oh Lord are good
And I would tell of it
Praise be to God the good.

Yet my story still seems dark
And my chances very bleak
And so I hesitate to speak…

And my silence wounds my own heart
And I am cut to bleed
And so I speak first to myself.

Praise the Lord
For He is good
And He is your answer.

Listen my heart,
For He is good.

His Place

Some things are a relief:
A bird in the air
A dog by the fire
The results of a test.

How did Joseph
Burying Israel
Have faith in the hand of God?

Lord forgive me
For I share more in common
With Reuben
Than with Joseph.

My heart,
And hear the words of Joseph,
“Am I in the place of God?”

We are not,
You and me,
In the place of God.

Wherever our relief may come from,
If indeed it comes,
It will not come from passing judgement.

Oh my soul,
Full of disquiet,
You must not think yourself to be,
In the place of God.